Open Architecture FAQ

Q: What qualifications and work experience must I have to qualify for admission to the part time BTech: Architectural Technology (Applied Design) programme?
A: You need a National Diploma in Architectural Technology or equivalent, from a University  of Technology or previous Technikon, and a minimum of 12 months accredited architectural experience after obtaining the ND (or equivalent) under a SACAP registered Professional Senior Architectural Technologist or Professional Architect.

Q: If I do not have a National Diploma in Architectural Technology or equivalent but have extensive architectural experience can I apply for the BTech programme?
A: If you do not have a ND in Architectural Technology or equivalent and wish to apply on the basis of substantial and relevant experience of at least 10 years, you will need to apply through a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process via CPUT. This is not the same as the SACAP RPL process as this RPL process will be for admission to a degree programme not for professional registration.

Q: Do I need to reside in Cape Town to apply for the part time BTech?
A: You may live and work anywhere in South Africa or any of the SADC countries, to apply for the BTech. Studios may be set up in regional centres, depending on the geographic location of OA students.
Q: What Institution will award the BTech qualification?
A: CPUT (not OA) will award the qualification.
Q: Is the part time BTech an accredited programme?
A: Yes, the part time BTech: Architectural Technology (Applied Design) is a SACAP accredited programme through CPUT.
Q: Once I have successfully completed the BTech: Architectural Technology (Applied Design), will I be able to follow on to a Masters' programme?
A: Yes, afters successful completion of the BTech you are eligible to apply for the BAS(Hons) and March(Prof) or MTech programmes at a range of Higher Education Institutions. The part-time Masters’ programme is not yet available through OpenArchitecture, but is anticipated in the near future.
Q: Will the part-time BTech programme be identical to the fulltime programme, except for the duration?
A: The final portfolio outcomes will be comparable. However, the part time programme will employ different modes of delivery optimising workplace and online learning.

Q: How should I prepare for the interview and portfolio submission?
A: Once your application has been successfully screened by the CPUT admissions office, you will be notified about the selection interview and portfolio process. You need to provide evidence of your previous study and practice experience and we suggest that you include the best examples of a variety of tasks and responsibilities. The portfolio should ideally contain some of your academic work, an updated CV, drawings/ graphics and documents produced in the office (provide evidence of design, technical and documentation skills), as well as reference letters from past and current employer(s).

Q: How much study time does the part-time BTech require?
A: Students registered on the part time BTech programme will be expected to spend the equivalent of 50% of the time that full time students spend on their studies which amounts to about 2½ days per week. Although some of these hours can be done after office hours and on weekends there will need to be an agreement between you and your employer to allow you to have some study time during normal working hours.

Q: What are the fees for the part time BTech course?
A: The part time BTech tuition fees are the same as for the full time programme but spread over two years. In addition, there will be a separate levy charged for the online learning platform.