CPUT – B.Tech Architectural Technology (Applied Design)

Applications for the OA based part-time programme are made in the same way as for the full-time programme and the same selection criteria apply. Please refer to the CPUT website  and download the CPUT application forms. For more information click here.

Although the website may not yet contain the part-time programme details you should follow the BTech full-time procedures and indicate in your application that you wish to register for the part-time programme. Once your application has been captured on the CPUT university system you will be contacted and informed about further requirements and procedures, which may include an interview and presentation of a portfolio of work.

In addition to the standard B.Tech admission requirements, you will need to have at least 12 months working experience with, and currently be employed by, a SACAP registered Professional Senior Architectural Technologist, or Professional Architect. Your employer will be required to support your studies through mentoring activities and you may need occasional (although limited) leave from work for face to face block release sessions and portfolio assessments.

You will need to be computer literate and have access to online learning tools (a computer, internet connection and data) during and after office hours.

The deadline for 2015 applications is 30 September 2014 for South African applicants and 31 August for international applicants